“Masra” Codex of Smoking


*Masra is a reed for rolling, be it for joy oreven trolling. Although there are lots of others, none scale up to such high standards.

In every part of the planet there is a certain etiquette of smoking “Masra”. Cannabis enthusiasts are a tight, close relation community, that follows codified standards of behavior. In case of breaking the rules, nobody will punish you, however you might not be invited to the next gathering – which is clearly not something you want. Therefore, we decided to sum up all of the rules and rights in our Codex of Smoking in order to help develop the smoking culture.

Don’t pressure anyone!

Respect the person’s decision, who just doesn’t smoke or doesn’t want to smoke anymore. In the circle of smoking enthusiasts any kind of pressure is unacceptable. It is important to respect other people’s limits, opinions and decisions.

Respect the rights of the person rolling the paper

It is common knowledge, that the person who rolled “Masra” , should be the one to light it up. However it is also acceptable for the mentioned person to offer this privilege to someone else.

Two puffs, then pass

Remember the rules of passing “Masra”. After taking two puffs, pass it to your friend. The etiquette of sharing takes an important place in cannabis community and smoking together – is a binding, intimate experience.

Pass “Masra” to the one on your left

This rule represents an ancient Jamaican tradition according to which, during times of peace people passed opium “Masra” to the left and during times of war - to the right. Additionally, passing it to the left has a logical and beneficial explanation –after establishing the rule, you won’t forget who to pass “Masra” to.

Don’t delay passing “Masra”

Usually, it happens when “Masra” is held by someone telling a story. Most of the time, the storyteller is so taken by the process, that they forget to pass “Masra” (after all, they’re high). It causes the group members great worry to watch “Masra” burn in vein. Therefore, before someone reminds you, keep in mind, that you shouldn’t hold up the process and also a note on the subject – reminding is not a bad tone.

Don’t get “Masra” wet

Nobody likes a person, who licks his/her lips before smoking, then gets “Masra” wet and passes it like that. It’s unaesthetic and at least insanitary.

Blowing smoke in someone’s face is a bad tone

It’s extremely rude and unacceptable to blow smoke in someone’s face, unless they ask you to do that.

Sharing is caring

The whole gist of smoking is sharing. It is preferable to attend the smoking gathering with your own “Masra” to share, however if you couldn’t get your hands on any cannabis, don’t worry, you can bring beer or snacks –we,smoking enthusiasts, are an easy-going type.

Respect the environment, where you’re smoking

House rules are always above all. If you’re a guest at someone’s place and you’re smoking, be respectable. You know, that here, it is forbidden to smoke in any other public place. Remember, that when you smoke unethically, you smear the reputation of all smoking enthusiasts.

Inform your friends, if you’re ill

If you caught a cold, but still wish to smoke with your friends, it’s necessary, that you use your own “Masra”. In case you share one with your friends, there’s a high risk of spreading virus or infection. Therefore by using your own, you convey your care and respect for them.